Leaked Footage Shows Model Agreeing To ‘Depraved Sex Acts With 13-Year-Old Boy’

Some Instagram models will stop at nothing to fuel their glamorous and extravagant lifestyles… even paedophilia allegedly. 

A video of model Aliana Lozada Gonzalez revealing the terms of a depraved contract she made with a rich Dubai businessman has been leaked.

She agreed in the video, for a fee of $50,000, that she would take the virginity and anal virginity of the tycoon’s 13-year-old brother.

37454UNILAD imageoptim woman2 Leaked Footage Shows Model Agreeing To Depraved Sex Acts With 13 Year Old Boy


Yes that is correct, for $50,000, this model has allegedly agreed to travel to Dubai, fuck a 13-year-old, give him a blow job and let him ‘lick my pussy’.

She also said in the video that she would perform the same sexual acts on the elder brother who is hiring her.



Obviously if she performed any of those acts, it is beyond wrong.

The video ends with her showing her passport and blowing a kiss to her client.